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Understanding Fintech Disruptors

Credit Unions are being challenged by numerous big fintech disruptors. This is an undisputable fact. But these aren’t the typical competitors Credit Unions are used to dealing with, such as

Mergers and Acquisitions

From Hawaii to New York City to Alaska, and points between, Credit Unions are continuing the longterm trend of consolidation through mergers and acquisitions. This calculated growth strategy is changing

Art of Negotiation

When a financial institution engages a vendor in contract negotiations for a new or existing financial services technology platform, the process often becomes muddled and terms of service become unclear.

Cost Cutting Initiatives

Senior executives at financial institutions across the nation, and abroad, are missing key opportunities to cut costs and improve revenue optimization during this current recession. To this end, a progressive

In-House or Service Bureau

In order to remain competitive, Credit Unions must continually investigate how they can operate more efficiently. This is achieved by offering products and services that maintain or exceed member expectations.

Preferred and Future Technologies

Benjamin Franklin said: “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” While he was likely speaking about individuals, his message can be easily applied to organizations and businesses. Without transformation, innovation and

Mobile Revolution

For many 2009 and 2010 were years marked by struggle and hardship. The economy was the great equalizer. Both individuals and organizations were impacted to varying degrees. The majority of

Alternative Payment System Solutions

When Credit Unions do their respective due diligence and investigate alternative payment system solutions, a myriad of questions and concerns regarding offerings arise. All too often C-level executives hold to