Denny Gillott

Denny Gilliott

Senior Consultant | (855), 772-6242, ext 6060

Denny Gillott is a Senior Consultant at Samaha & Associates, Inc. A tenured credit union professional, Denny previously was a CEO and president of two Ohio-based credit unions and an executive vice president of a third credit union. During this time period, he served as a credit union chapter president, a committee member of a Credit Union league and a state vice president of the Credit Union Executive Society (CUES).

Over the course of his career, Denny has assessed the technological needs of more than 300 community financial institutions. For over 20 years, Denny was on staff at major core providers with a consultative core selling approach.  Before becoming the business development representative (Americas) for the Geneva, Switzerland based Temenos Group, he was an area vice president of sales for Open Solutions, Inc.

Prior to joining Samaha & Associates, Denny was an executive vice president and chief business partner strategist at United Solutions Company. He next founded and operated FI Advice, an advisory practice that assisted corporate credit unions and artificial intelligence (AI) firms in bringing conversational banking to the forefront of community banking technology.

Denny studied financial management and business at Hocking College and Ohio University and received accreditation from the American Institute of Bankers. He resides in southern Ohio and enjoys spending time with his wife, sons and young grandchildren. When not traveling with his wife or woodworking in his hobby shop, he is on the golf course or angling at his favorite fishing hole.