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Mutual Belt-Tightening

How the economy is affecting credi union-core processor relationships by Richard H. Gamble Amid signs that the economic crisis may be easing on some fronts, strain is starting to show in the incon- spicuous but all-important relationship between credit unions and their core processors as hard times take a toll on both parties. “Your processor should be strong strategically,” insists Sabeh Samaha, managing consultant at Samaha & Associates Inc. (, Chino Hills, Calif. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer are able to hold up

The Innovation Quandary

The Innovation Quandary Credit Union Business magazine by W.B. King Credit unions cannot afford sluggish, money-sucking machines that slow operations and ultimately detract from the member experience.  While software integrations are essential to successful operations, focus is on cost and the best-in-breed hardware.  Unfortunately a one-size-fits-all approach is not applicable. When approaching technological innovation, it is important to agree on a baseline premise, a standard guideline that, at its core, informs all related decisions moving forward. For this purpose, let’s turn our attention to the

A Dozen Misconceptions of What IT Can & Cannot Do

A Dozen Misconceptions of What IT Can & Cannot Do Credit Union Management February 2009 Reprinted with permission of CUES® by Karen Bankston  Any business tool that has had such a profound effect on an industry as technology has had on financial services is bound to carry its share of misconceptions and contentious issues. We asked professionals in the technology wing of the credit union sector to share their favorite myths and odd notions about how to make the most of technology. It’s Best

Samaha Associates Oversees Four Core Conversions & Merger Projects

Samaha Associates forms Strategic Partnership with Shapiro Partners  CHINO HILLS, CALIF. (November 20, 2008)—In its pivotal role as respected and sought after technology consultants, Samaha Associates is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the core conversion for Technology Credit Union ($1.2 Billion in assets); Alliant Credit Union’s Kaiperm merger project ($5.7 Billion); Xceed Credit Union’s Tiger FCU merger project ($800 Million); and California Coast’s First Future merger project ($1.8 Billion). “Respectively, a great deal of time, effort and expertise

Lending Solutions in Rough Waters

Lending Solutions in Rough Waters Credit Union Business magainze by W.B. King The mortgage crisis brings troubled waters to the CU industry, but like a lighthouse shining in the frightening dark, experts offer advice to steer your CU in the right direction and guide you safely home.  Their preparation strategies are essential to maximizing efficiency while waiting out the storm. During an annual barbeque get-together with old friends, baseball banter and back-to-school woes were replaced by a twilight roundtable on the mortgage crisis.  Among

Samaha Associates’ CEO Debuts The Art of Negotiation White Paper At CUNA CFO Council

Samaha Associates’ CEO Debuts The Art of Negotiation White Paper At CUNA CFO Council Contact: W.B. King CHINO HILLS, CALIF. (April 10, 2008)—In front of a receptive audience, Samaha Associates CEO Sabeh Samaha debuted his latest White Paper entitled “The Art of Negotiation: Core and Third-Party Agreements Made Easier” during a presentation for the CUNA CFO Council. “Credit unions pursuing new technology platforms often approach the negotiating table stripped of the necessary tools to succeed,” said Samaha. “My intention, and that of our team, is

CU’s Brace for Core Changes

CU’s Brace for Core Changes Vendor consolidation means fewer core processing options. But open, seamless systems will serve CUs well into the future Credit Union Magazine by Roy W. Urrico For credit unions, leaving a legacy behind may be the best way to optimize interoperability, business, and member services across channels. Many credit unions use legacy core processing systems without a true open architecture and the functionality credit unions need today. Adding to this technology angst is consolidation among many core processing vendors, leaving credit unions

Technology Flops – Avoiding the Sting

Technology Flops – Avoiding the Sting Credit Union Busniess magazine by W.B. King How can you ensure that your credit union’s implementation of technological advances results in a graceful swan dive as opposed to a painful belly flop? Take a clue from the past where former flops hold the keys to making that flawless 10.0 off the diving board. Industry experts critique the replay so your CU can perfect its technique. Albert Einstein said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not