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Lauren E. Duffy, VP Operations/CIO, UMassFive College FCU
“I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve hired Samaha & Associates – they are a valuable extension of our UMassFive team. We’ve worked together on merger support, a VISA growth agreement, IT strategic planning, a core data processor RFP, and a long list of ancillary systems negotiations. We keep coming back because the Samaha Team delivers outstanding financial savings and trustworthy advice. Their approach is thorough and customized to our needs and culture. It has now been over five years since our first project together and I can honestly say that the lessons we learned from them continue to shape how we manage our vendor relationships on a daily basis.”

Steve Roach, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Kern Schools Federal Credit Union
We engaged Samaha & Associates to help us with a Visa branding agreement and the vendor selection for our Core System and On-line Banking solutions.  The Samaha RFP process was very thorough and allowed us to evaluate all aspects of the vendor solutions in detail while letting us tailor the scoring to what we found important.  [Samaha Consultant,] Juan Luna was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive at every step of the process. The outcome far exceeded our expectations allowing us to greatly improve our services to members while dramatically lowering our costs.  The total cost of engaging Samaha & Associates was small compared to the savings.  After assisting us with the core and OLB selection we hired Samaha and Associates to work with our implementation team. Juan has been a great asset to our process and has helped us keep these very critical projects on track and on budget.

George Joseph, President / CEO Dade County Federal Credit Union
Samaha & Associates was worth every penny as their customizable process gave us the direction and guidance we needed for the search, selection, negotiation, and implementation of our new core data processing system. We had been on our old core system for years and knew it was the right time to review the marketplace. They had the Credit Union operational experience and familiarity with our systems that made it seamless to work collaboratively. The combination of the unparalleled professionalism with intricate knowledge of our vendors made it easy for us to work with the executives from various firms. Samaha & Associates never missed a weekly update with staff and nothing was considered trivial as every issue that came up was resolved. They stuck with us and provided the same level of service from start to finish. I am very pleased with the outcome of our core conversion. I highly recommend any Credit Union contemplating a core data processing change to seek out Samaha & Associates.

James Gergen, CEO CPM Federal Credit Union
“It was a big win for our members and our Board was thrilled!”
We engaged Samaha & Associates to help us with a Visa branding agreement and the vendor selection for our debit and credit card processing and ATM driving. The Samaha RFP process was very thorough and allowed us to evaluate all aspects of the vendor solutions in detail while letting us tailor the scoring to what we found important. Juan Luna was extremely knowledgeable and very responsive at every step of the process. The outcome far exceeded our expectations allowing us to greatly improve our services to members while dramatically lowering our costs. The total cost of engaging Samaha & Associates was small compared to the savings, and our Board was thrilled. As a result, we decided to further engage Samaha & Associates to help us with our search for the right online, mobile, and core solutions to support our future needs.

Adele Sandberg, Executive Vice President AEA Federal Credit Union
I wanted to work with Samaha & Associates for some time! Your reputation started the interest, feedback from your clients supported “the word on the street,” and working with a team of professionals who have the credit unions best interest top of mind allows us to achieve successes we could not otherwise achieve. We get a lot more accomplished with this partnership. Truly grateful!

Brandon Ivie, CEO Kern Federal Credit Union
I had worked with Samaha & Associates on successful projects at a couple of different credit unions in the past. I recently became CEO at Kern Federal Credit Union and our current card processing agreement was coming due so I reached out to Samaha and Associates to assist us in the RFP process as I knew the quality of their work from my past experiences with them. We are still early in our project, but I was immediately impressed by their approach to the RFP process during our deep-dive meeting.

Jeffrey Davenport, President / CEO Southbridge Credit Union
We started working with Samaha & Associates back in 2014 in our attempts to negotiate a new agreement with our current Core provider. Their approach to doing business with credit unions, holding core data processing providers accountable, and their attention to detail was everything we were looking for and needed in our process. I can’t imagine what our negotiating process, RFP process and conversion steps would have looked like without their support and guidance. Samaha & Associates were true partners and not just a consultant. I sometimes struggle with establishing true value when paying for consulting services, but can honestly say, Adam, Sabeh and everyone at Samaha & Associates were worth every penny.

Bill Partin, President/CEO & Mark Johnson, SVP / CIO Sharonview Federal Credit Union
Samaha & Associates was an integral part of our core conversion team. They were here from the RFP to the go-live as an extension of our own team. We ultimately selected Samaha & Associates because of their negotiating skills, ability to track and hold all vendors accountable and level of connection and leverage with our core vendor. They helped us ensure we got everything we wanted and needed in our contract, negotiated add-ons throughout the project to save us quite a bit of money, and quickly escalated issues when needed. Having done numerous conversions, their expertise and knowledge was priceless; they brought a unique set of skills that none of us possessed. During the actual conversion, they were here the entire night with our team tracking and checking off every item as we moved through the process. It was a great comfort to have them here sharing in the experience and helping to keep us on track so our team could get deep into the technical side. They helped us to bring all the pieces together to ensure nothing was forgotten. We were so grateful to have them as a part of our team that we brought in another team from Samaha for our credit card RFP while our core conversion was still going on! We couldn’t have asked for a better partner!

Darrick J. Weeks, Chief Operating Officer Wright-Patt Credit Union
The Samaha team offers something most credit unions don’t have – an intimate knowledge needed to negotiate cards platform contractual terms as well as the technical expertise to assist in platform/ product implementation. Sabeh was a bulldog with our vendors and ensured that hands down WPCU was able to get a better deal than we could have negotiated ourselves. They also ensured the vendors followed a rigorous RFP process to ensure we were comparing apples to apples and not just being sold to. Lastly, they pushed our cards team to build our operational muscle (knowledge) around our cards processes and products. When combined with the phenomenal cost savings Samaha Associates has negotiated, we couldn’t be happier with the results and recommend them to any organization looking to enhance its card operations, providers and/ or product line.

Rudy Pereira, President / CEO Royal Credit Union
I have always been impressed with the depth of credit union knowledge, confidentiality, and work ethic that Samaha & Associates brings each time we have used their consulting services. Samaha & Associates is a pleasure to work with and is extremely responsive and available throughout the consulting project.

Mike McDermott, President / CEO Metro Credit Union of Omaha, NE
Like most credit union CEOs, I am not an expert in evaluating core operating systems. So, the prospect of comparing competing system capabilities, and competing sales pitches, was less than appealing. What I did know was that, if we were going to convert, we were going to do it right. Fortunately, a colleague recommended Samaha & Associates as an independent, third-party expert who would be on our side. They worked with us to evaluate our needs, write RFPs, structure presentations, and negotiate a contract for the new system. When that was done, we retained Samaha to stay on board all the way through live conversion. In the end, we saved time, money, and member relationships. We got the right system for our credit union that will meet our needs long into the future. We also had the added benefit of a live conversion that went about as well as a conversion can go. I’m fortunate to have an outstanding group of Execs who are really good at what they do. Having Samaha & Associates on our team let my key staff focus on the things they excel at, and it gave me peace of mind. Honestly, I cannot imagine going through a core system conversion without Samaha and his team.

Jose Lara, EVP, Member Services and Operations, Schools First FCU
Samaha & Associates are high tech, no nonsense professionals. They know how to develop, manage and execute a plan better than any company I have ever worked with. I would recommend them highly to any credit union that needs assistance with implementing new or existing technology.

Cheryl DeBoer, President / CEO Advia Credit Union
When we decided to make a core data processing change, we recognized the need for additional expertise. Because of their background and reputation, we hired Samaha & Associates to assist us in this complex project that also entailed two credit union merger acquisitions. Samaha & Associates partnered closely with us from start to finish, culminating in highly successful conversions for both core and merger. Their ability to handle the complex contract negotiation and implementation processes saved the credit union significant expense while providing the foundation for a healthy long term core data processing strategy. I would recommend Samaha & Associates to any credit union challenged with such large strategic projects.

Todd Kenthack, President / CEO Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union
After researching several consultants, we made the decision to partner with Samaha & Associates to assist us in negotiating a new agreement for card processing services. The collective “credit union industry” experience of their team members proved to be essential and impressive when negotiating quality savings from our vendor partner. Our project also resulted in capturing increased internal knowledge for our team members managing the card processing services. We were very pleased with their thorough approach, execution and overall professionalism. I would highly recommend the Samaha Team to any Credit Union in the industry needing to perform a vendor selection process to identify best in class vendor partners and negotiate vendor partner agreements.

Carrie Birkhofer, President / CEO Bay Federal Credit Union
Samaha & Associates is a trusted partner of Bay Federal credit union. They have provided project management services for us for the past five years with projects such as the selection and implementation of a new core system, replacement of our entire fleet of ATMs, and conversion from a corporate credit union to new corporate banking providers. In addition, by using their contract negotiation services, we have had significant cost savings on new and renewing contracts. Samaha and his team have a wide range of practical experience that provides management with overall project management guidance, best practices in negotiation of contracts and vendor management. In addition, Samaha & Associates are highly skilled and understand the finest, intricate system process details, which better guarantees successful project outcomes. Samaha & Associates have greatly contributed to our goals of lowering expenses and becoming more efficient.

Steve Stone, Chief Financial Officer 1st United Services Credit Union
1st United Services was in the midst of a credit and debit card processor conversion in 2012. The conversion proved to be quite complex, and we were beginning to have concerns about its success. We paused the conversion and brought in Samaha & Associates to advise us. They assisted in addressing our major concerns, and also helped us renegotiate pricing. We’ve just finished the credit/debit processor conversion and it turned out to be successful beyond our expectations. I would highly recommend talking to Samaha & Associates prior to entering any major conversions or contract negotiations.

Jim Sessa, SVP Administration / CFO Coast Central Credit Union
Coast Central CU was faced with a credit union acquisition bracketed with a tight timeframe mandated by the NCUA and a less-than-nimble core processing vendor. We engaged Samaha & Associates to provide the unique project management required for this challenge. Samaha Associates kept us on schedule and well-organized while helping us tackle all of the obstacles that resulted in a successful merger. They were the solution we needed. We would refer the Samaha team to any credit union seeking expert assistance.

Chuck Bruen, President / CEO First Entertainment Credit Union
Sabeh is the ideal person to ‘fill-the-gap’ when we need a special technology solution or fix. He offers great value by quickly grasping the problem or challenge and then managing it to a satisfactory conclusion. Sabeh has served us well and has a history of accomplishments here at First Entertainment.

Tristram S. Coffin, President / CEO Alternatives Federal Credit Union
While Alternatives Federal Credit Union decided to update its core technology, we faced a daunting, immediate problem – we didn’t know what we didn’t know. Samaha & Associates were an invaluable resource, working with us through the vendor selection process right up to, and beyond the conversion date. The Samaha staff helped us pick a system that met our needs, negotiate the best possible contract and work through and organize the myriad of operational tasks necessary to ensure a successful conversion. Today, writing the week after our conversion, I can say with complete confidence that our conversion would not have been as successful as it was without the support of the dedicated professionals with Samaha.

Audrey Pappas, Executive Vice President / COO C.A.H.P. Credit Union
When I received the resignation from our former IT Manager at the end of October 2011, I contacted Samaha & Associates immediately. They responded quickly, connecting us to a consultant who offered real solutions to our staffing needs. Additionally, Samaha & Associates’ expertise and guidance helped us manage our core data installation in 2012. Samaha & Associates provided us with peace of mind. That peace of mind came from knowing that in Samaha & Associates we have industry experts, with hands-on knowledge of credit unions, helping us through the complexities of conversions and installations, allowing us to focus our attention on serving our members. Samaha & Associates truly delivers!

Paul Meissner, Chief Financial Officer Credit Union of America
We chose Samaha & Associates for RFP assistance and negotiation for a new core data processing platform and bill payment provider. By coaching our internal teams to develop focused questions and define our system requirements, their expertise helped us arrive at a solution that was right for the credit union and at the right price. Their team successfully negotiated significant savings over the term of our contracts, on the large primary contracts as well as on smaller contract issues near the end of negotiations. Samaha & Associates are truly dedicated business partners and were extremely responsive throughout the project. Our satisfaction at the end confirmed our selection of Samaha & Associates, and we strongly recommend them for other financial institutions looking for a quality selection process in combination with a tenacious negotiating team.

Charlyn Reese, Chief Financial Officer Dutch Point Credit Union
When our credit union decided to undertake a core conversion project, we knew that we needed a seasoned consulting firm to guide us through the process. We had never done a core conversion before and didn’t know all the pitfalls to look for. Hiring Samaha & Associates was extremely beneficial in helping to guide us through a complex end to end core system conversion. Their expertise in RFP due diligence, contract negotiations and project conversion kept our team on track. I would never undertake a project of this magnitude alone and highly recommend Samaha & Associates. They know exactly how to get the job done extremely well.

Michael George, Chief Operating Officer Kern Schools Federal Credit Union
Samaha & Associates offers something very unique for financial institutions – the financial capacity to negotiate contractual terms as well as the technical expertise to govern product implementation. As a result, Samaha & Associates is able to be a full-time partner and project manager during all phases of any conversion or new implementation. In our experiences, this partnership included full-time assistance and leadership during pre-rollout, rollout, and post-rollout of multiple projects. When combined with the phenomenal cost savings Samaha & Associates has provided, we could not be happier with the results and recommend them to any organization looking to enhance its operations or product line.

Teresa Freeborn, President / CEO Xceed Financial Credit Union
When we needed a leading consulting firm with proven results to assist us with our merger, we turned to Samaha & Associates. Their depth of experience in core systems, third party interfaces, internal best practices and proven results ensured our financial institution had a smooth and successful integration. Having worked with Samaha & Associates in other high-risk projects, they are a trusted partner that continues to deliver superior outcomes. I would highly recommend to any Financial Institution their excellent work and services.

Juan Batista, VP of Information Technology Apple Federal Credit Union
We hired Samaha & Associates to negotiate a key third party contract involving a new Online Banking and Bill Payment provider. Samaha & Associates were able to negotiate highly favorable short-term conditions that will help us secure a solid and member transparent conversion. They were also able to secure highly beneficial long term contractual conditions that promise to serve us very well in our relationship with the new vendor. The pricing concessions that Sabeh Samaha was able to achieve for us were also highly impressive. Samaha & Associates are truly dedicated business partners. We have now retained their services for another critical contractual negotiation. We strongly recommend Samaha & Associates for all those looking for a solid negotiating team.

Donald M. Varner Jr., President / CEO New Cumberland Federal Credit Union
The Samaha & Associates team helped us successfully negotiate significant savings over the terms of both our core data processing and ATM/Debit/Credit agreements. Their contract negotiations and knowledge of the providers confirmed that we chose the right consulting firm. Samaha & Associates were able to negotiate highly favorable terms and conditions that will assist us with our implementation and ongoing vendor support. The pricing concessions that they were able to achieve for us were highly impressive. Samaha & Associates are truly dedicated business partners that look out for the best interests of their clients and we would recommend Samaha & Associates to any institution who is contemplating a change in their technology platforms.

Patricia Jackson, Executive Vice President / COO Central State Credit Union
Samaha & Associates working knowledge and experience with our core vendor contributed significantly to our investment and proactively protected Central State Credit Union’s long- term interest. Their experience in discovery, contract negotiation and implementation was invaluable and assisted our Credit Union to a very successful end-to-end conversion. Samaha & Associates knew to include terms in our contract that we would have never known to do. I highly encourage using their firm when undertaking such a significant project.

John M. Neusaenger, President / CEO Orlando Federal Credit Union
When we began the process to bid out our Debit and Credit Card processing, we knew that we would be navigating through a complex maze of networks, switches, and pricing strategies. Sabeh was a tremendous resource. He knew the companies who would be vying for our business and how to put their proposals into a perspective that provided a rational decision basis. His recommendations were based on the best interest of the credit union. Sabeh’s value in this process continued to grow after the bidding was over, as we pushed through contract negotiations and to implementation. His team was with us all the way and our team appreciated their task mastery and commitment to the process. With Samaha & Associates, this process has provided benefits to our members that would not have been realized otherwise.

Patricia Jackson, Executive Vice President / COO Central State Credit Union
Samaha & Associates working knowledge and experience with our core vendor contributed significantly to our investment and proactively protected Central State Credit Union’s long- term interest. Their experience in discovery, contract negotiation and implementation was invaluable and assisted our Credit Union to a very successful end-to-end conversion.Samaha & Associates knew to include terms in our contract that we would have never known to do. I highly encourage using their firm when undertaking such a significant project.

Gary Perez, President / CEO USC Credit Union
Over the past decade, Samaha & Associates has provided invaluable analysis and counsel to USCCU in their role as trusted Technology and Process Analysis Consultants. Every engagement has been supported with a well-crafted scope document that clearly outlined the project’s deliverables. More importantly, the firm has consistently exceeded the boundaries of both their contractual obligations and our expectations. Over the years, we have come to trust Sabeh Samaha as a vital extension of USCCU’s management team. It is my privilege to recommend and endorse Samaha & Associates for Technology Consulting related engagements.

Paul McDonald, VP of Lending Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union chose Samaha & Associates after a lengthy search for the right consultant to drive our review of a new Consumer LOS. We made the right choice! Their industry knowledge, negotiating skills and responsiveness paid off tremendously. They guided us expertly and gave us comfort while we were still responsible for getting through our usual day-to-day. The strongest recommendation I can provide is to say that I would hire them for my next project. Thanks, Samaha & Associates!

Eric Bruen, President / CEO Desert Valleys FCU
We had the pleasure to work with Samaha & Associates/Shapiro Partners to facilitate a two-day on-site strategic planning conference for our staff and board. The event relay helped to bring focus on the goals, values and strengths of our organization. Throughout the planning process, and in preparation of it, their group provided the highest level of professionalism and understanding towards our objectives. It was pleasure to work with them and we look forward to using them again in the future to ensure that the goals we defined are accomplished.

Ron Berry, President / CEO Pasadena Federal Credit Union
We have had the pleasure to work with Samaha & Associates on three separate projects: the selection of a new core provider and successful implementation of a merger, and we utilized their services for the selection and implementation of a new phone system. We found them to be very thorough and professional to work with. They looked out for the best interests of Pasadena Federal Credit Union with growth and flexibility in mind. Their negotiation skills and contracts review were superior. I would be happy to recommend their services.

Ernesto Flores, President / CEO Camino Federal Credit Union
In order to avoid any pitfalls during a merger, you need to have a firm grasp of the merger documentation process. Adam Denbo and Samaha & Associates helped fill this void for us; and as a result, was a huge asset in completing our merger with Alisos Credit Union. Their expertise helped make the process flow smoothly. It would have cost our credit union much more in time and/or resources to go about the process ourselves. Without hesitation, I would recommend Samaha & Associates to my friends and colleagues in the credit union industry.

Jerrold A. Kinlock, President / CEO Sacramento Credit Union
The professionalism, business acumen and high standards possessed by Sabeh Samaha have served Sacramento Credit Union well. I have worked with Mr. Samaha at the executive level to successfully complete complex projects and have observed the positive outcome when he has worked with staff. His knowledge of and interface with industry vendors is particularly helpful.

Shawn Hayes, President / CEO Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union
Needing to reduce expenses and increase efficiency, we issued a request for proposals for core processing services. Knowing that we would have just one opportunity at the outset of what would likely be a multi-year agreement to take our best swing at bat, we hired Samaha & Associates to assist us with the evaluation of service providers and ultimately, contract negotiations with the top choice. Investing in Samaha’s partnership in this process was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Their team is comprised of several former credit union professionals who know and have used a variety of core processing and related systems. Their knowledge and expertise was leveraged on our project and helped us ensure very favorable contract terms and savings that were many times greater than what we were able to negotiate on our own. I highly recommend Samaha and Associates to any credit union needing assistance in the evaluation of credit union products/services and contract negotiations.

Jim Holt, President / CEO MidAmerican Credit Union
Samaha & Associates enabled us to look well beyond just replacing our core system. With their support, we were able to gain key awareness regarding our technology needs as a whole in detail. Samaha & Associates worked with us to validate comprehensive solutions that not only met our needs, but also places us at the competitive edge of technology for member acquisition and service. Their expertise in core and third-party technology products and their providers guided us to ask the appropriate questions, evaluate our key requirements and explore expanding our breadth of service offerings, while emphasizing efficiency through streamlined processes. Samaha & Associates brought a consultative approach that focused on our specific needs during the RFP generation, vendor selection and contract negotiations process. We worked closely with them to make sure the selected vendors were thoroughly reviewed including live interviews with recent users. Samaha & Associates was instrumental in ensuring that contractual terms and conditions were in place to follow through in establishing a good faith basis for the ongoing relationship.

Todd Olszowy, Vice President of Finance / CFO Water & Power Community CU
Anyone who has ever experienced the rigors of a core system conversion realizes that it is one of, if not the, most complex project that will ever be undertaken by a credit union and its staff. Trying to manage all of the nuances of a system conversion while maintaining daily operations in almost impossible. The experience, dedication, commitment and professionalism of the entire Samaha & Associates team was invaluable in making our conversion a success. They lead the process from start to finish and were right beside us every step of the way. Their ability to manage and maintain the communication between the credit union and the vendor was paramount to keeping the project on schedule. Prior to, during and after the conversion the entire Samaha team have been truly committed to acting as a devoted advocate for our credit union. We will continue to consider Samaha & Associates a valuable business partner and look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.

Vince Otsuka, President / CEO Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
After a thorough search for the right partner, we engaged Samaha & Associates for our core system selection, negotiation, and implementation. Their experience in the core vendor selection process, aggressive contract negotiation techniques, and deep participation in our implementation activities both validated to us and gave us the assurance that our implementation was being correctly managed. The Samaha methodology for vendor selection included a customized RFP process which prepared and educated our team to select the most appropriate vendor to meet our needs and also gave us the tools necessary to implement our project in a successful manner. Moreover, their negotiation expertise secured a strong contract which protects the Credit Union’s long-term relationship with our chosen vendor. With their strong implementation skills, the Samaha Team guided and facilitated all phases of implementation in close collaboration with both the Credit Union teams and all related vendors. I am glad we selected Samaha & Associates as our partner. Our project outcome has truly been successful. I highly recommend Samaha & Associates for any Credit Union who is preparing to implement all technology related projects.

Chuck Smith, Former SVP / Chief Lending Officer San Antonio Federal Credit Union
We engaged Samaha & Associates several years ago to re-negotiate our ATM/Debit Card servicer contract and achieved tremendous cost saving results. So, when it came time to renew our ATM, Debit Card and Credit Card service provider contracts, we immediately called them again for their services. Samaha & Associates was able to negotiate even more substantial savings and revenue enhancements over our previous contracts with our providers. They took us from the RFP process to final contract negotiations with a no-nonsense, professional process. I would highly recommend Samaha & Associates to any institution approaching an upcoming vendor contract re-negotiation or system selection process.

Diana Hickman, Manager Card Services Spokane Teachers Credit Union
Sabeh Samaha is extremely knowledgeable of the card industry and did us an excellent job in evaluating all options. Sabeh helped Spokane Teachers Credit Union analyze the different debit card processors in an ever changing marketplace to make an informed decision. He was instrumental in obtaining the best pricing and contract terms available.

Ken Burns, Former President / CEO Technology Credit Union
In September of 2008, Tech CU converted to a leading core system. To ensure our success, we turned to a proven industry expert, Samaha Associates. Sabeh and his team delivered the expertise and resources necessary to negotiate, integrate, streamline and enhance critical products and processes essential to our successful core system conversion. The outcome was a conversion as close to flawless as one could reasonably hope to achieve. Without hesitation, I strongly recommend Samaha Associates to any of my peers seeking system efficiencies or a core conversion.

Denise Gale, Former Executive Vice President Martin FCU
Martin FCU hired Samaha & Associates to assist us in selecting a new core processor. Their methodology allowed us to clearly assess our needs and find a best-fit solution at the right price. Their contract negotiations and knowledge of the provider we chose, further assured we had a great conversion team with specific deliverables. We were so convinced of the value of Samaha & Associates that we contracted them again for the actual conversion process. The result was a conversion with flawless data, delivered on time, on budget, and with all processes functioning on live day. While we notified our membership we would be closed on live day, we opened our first offices and call center before 11:00 a.m. with the others following shortly thereafter. I would highly recommend Samaha & Associates for their knowledge, skill and ease to work with.

Terry Janke, Former President / CEO Schools Federal Credit Union
When we need help with implementing our strategic initiatives we turn to our trusted partner Samaha & Associates. They are a well-rounded team of professional and knowledgeable consultants that intimately understand our market and business. They bring an exceptional balance of strategy, analysis, negotiation and execution in our most important projects and have contributed significantly to our success. We have used them for our core conversion, payment systems projects, disaster recovery planning and in strategic research. I believe their services are imperative for high quality results and outcomes.

Joe Favela, Former Executive Vice President Sacramento Credit Union
Sacramento Credit Union has benefited from the professional consulting services of Samaha & Associates for a number of years. Mr. Samaha’s keen sense of detail and precision are applied to all aspects of his work. Timely recommendations have guided our company to success in a variety of complex projects.

Judy McCartney, Former President / CEO Orange County’s Credit Union
We have worked with Sabeh on two projects: evaluation of debit cards and a debit card promotion. Both have been very successful through increasing the bottom line, reduction in costs and more relationships with our members. We will continue to work with Sabeh on projects and highly recommend him. He is honest, thorough, dependable, on time and does very cost effective projects. While we all have in-house management, Sabeh is there to do those specialized projects which allow associates to continue serving our members and running the day to day operations of the credit union.

Debbie Barrera, Former President / CEO San Bernardino School Employees Credit Union
I have hired Samaha & Associates for various projects at my current and previous credit unions. On many occasions while working with Sabeh, he has always demonstrated impeccable work ethic, diligence, competence, and admiration for the credit union industry. I am confident that Samaha & Associates will continue to bring great value and dedication to the credit union Industry.

Melia Keller, Former President / CEO Mid-Cities Credit Union
As a new CEO, I needed an experienced consulting firm I could count on for support. Samaha & Associates stepped up to help me where my core processor couldn’t. They helped me identify ways to retrieve and organize member data to better isolate member communication and marketing to save money. Samaha & Associates also offered me a streamlined financial solution to save us time preparing the financials each month and forecast throughout the month. If you are looking to save money, streamline processes, or simply need guidance, I highly recommend Samaha & Associates.

Bob Hoefer, Former President / CEO Dupaco Community Credit Union
Samaha & Associates helped us negotiate the terms of a complex data processing agreement. The firm’s expertise helped us arrive at an agreement which provided enhanced value, protections, flexibilities and benefits for the Credit Union. I would recommend their services to another credit union.”

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