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Samaha Associates’ experience with credit union technology conversion projects, their industry knowledge, and project management skills were invaluable. Samaha Associates is truly a trusted and loyal partner, always looking out for our best interests. We could not imagine going through this conversion without the Samaha Team!

Jennifer Peyton, Chief Financial Officer
University of Illinois Employees Credit Union, Champaign, IL

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White Papers

The Credit Union Core Data Processing Quandary: In-House or Service Bureau? An Insightful Investigation that Goes Beyond Industry Headlines

The purpose of this white paper is to determine when a Credit Union should select a service bureau or whether the core processing platform can be managed in-house through relations with disparate vendors. It is important to note that a “one-size fits all approach” 3 to core contracts never works in this niche industry. As a result, a deeper dive will be taken in this white paper to illuminate tell-tale signs as to which direction a Credit Union should proceed, and how best to negotiate a fair market core contract. Read More

Why Credit Unions Should Adopt Alternative Payment System Solutions

To ensure your Credit Union is meeting competition demands and enhancing the member experience, a thorough understanding of existing payment solutions is required. This includes a secure network for deposit, electronic pay, transfer, debit and other financial transactions. After all, this is the life blood of any financial institution. The question is: Is your Credit Union paying too much for these services? The answer the majority of the time is: Yes! Read More

Mobile Revolution

For many 2009 and 2010 were years marked by struggle and hardship. The economy was the great equalizer. Both individuals and organizations were impacted to varying degrees. The majority of forecasters had it right: it would be years of hunkering down and waiting. In 2011, progressive credit unions are researching and investing in leading mobile banking technologies and platforms. "Mobile Revolution" explains why. Read More

Preferred & Future Technologies

Merely offering online banking applications no longer suffices. In order to compete and keep pace with member expectation, a Credit Union must take the necessary steps and turn an online banking platform into a versatile virtual branch with e-Signatures in mind. In short, the concept is to provide a platform where, if so inclined, a member is not required to travel to a brick and mortar branch location. To understand the mindset of the progressive member, consider the requirements of a traditional branch and then apply the services offered to a virtual branch. Read More

Credit Union Merger & Acquisitions

From California to Florida, Credit Unions are consolidating at an alarming rate. If you were to take a helicopter view of the industry, of the nation, and red thumbnails on the map below represented mid-to-high level performing CUs and yellow thumbnails were mid-to-low under performing Credit Unions, you would literally see yellow disappearing into a sea of red before your eyes. Read More

Cost Cutting Initiatives

Last year, over a period of a few months, Samaha Associates was able to save a small Credit Union upwards of $800,000 by thoroughly reviewing and analyzing its existing contracts. This included an inventory of all vendors services (past and present) and an audit of fees against current market pricing, which as we all know has suffered greatly. This is but one example of a success story. In order to collectively thrive, vendors need financial institutions and financial institutions need vendor services. Too often what is missing from this all-important equation is an insightful, progressive financial consultant who has the Credit Unions’ best interests in mind. Read More

Capitalizing on Member Business Needs with a Progressive Credit Card Program

For Credit Unions currently offering business member card services, a reinvestment in application and approach is required. Now, more than ever before, it is critical to effectively differentiate between the business and member card services. While obstacles exist, they must be overcome to ensure the progression of a well-intended strategy. The goal is two sided—exceeding business member expectations while continually generating increased revenues. However, too often a conceptual program does not translate to a successful branch model rollout. The question is: why? Read More

Key Considerations to Establishing a Member Business Services Program

When approaching the overarching and varied concept of expanding, or in some cases launching, a member business service program, take a deep breath and proceed with caution. Deciphering the differences between retail and business services is no small task. While fundamental concepts are similar in that the program will fall under the general category of banking, providing services for a business requires a completely different approach to products, services, and lending. Read More

The Art of Negotiation

When a Credit Union engages a vendor in contract negotiations for a new technology platform, the process often becomes muddied, lines are blurred and terms of service become unclear. Expertly executing this process is critical as a wrong decision prompted by eager vendors can adversely impact the day-to-day operations of a Credit Union, ultimately diminishing member experience and confidence. Read More

Building a Successful Virtual Credit Union Branch

For many Credit Unions, existing relationships with core and strategic partners leaves critical variables out of the equation. Best intentions and promises aside, if core and strategic partners can't guarantee a platform that includes all necessary components and variables within the next 12 to 18 months, it's time to re-enter the market, build new relationships and acquire better solutions. Read More

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